Features and Plans
Every dermograph comes with a standard set of components:
  • Imager
  • Software
  • 25x Hygiene Covers
  • Cradle

Based on your business’ specific needs there are an

array of options you can choose from:

Best for retailers
Best for spas
Best for brands
Skin health analysis
Tracking to compare session to session results
Product/treatment recommendations up to 4 products/treatments
Reports via print or emails
Personalized software with your logo and brand colors
Advanced product/treatment recommendation
Product prices on report
We also work with distributors in several global locations. For distribution of dermograph in your country or region, please contact us at !
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We offer 3 custom options for your needs

Select one or all the packages you are interested in learning more about

Option 1
  • Skin imager and cradle
  • Skin health analysis results
  • Report
  • Personalized software
Revenue Increase*
Option 2
  • Option 1
  • Tracking to compare results over time
  • Product and treatment recommendations
Revenue Increase*
Option 3
  • Option 2
  • Advanced product and treatment recommendations
  • Product prices on reports
Revenue Increase*
*These are sample results. Actual result may vary based on usage and implementation.

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