Every order comes with a standard set of components:
------ Imager
------ Software
------ Disposable Covers
------ Cradle
Optional hardware to choose from:
Touchscreen Tablet
Touchscreen Desktop

And 3 featured plans to choose from,

based on your business’ specific needs:


  • Skin health analysis
  • Reports via print or email
  • 1 year warranty


  • Silver package
  • Tracking to compare session

    to session results

  • 2 years warranty


  • Gold package
  • Product and treatment


  • Lifetime warranty

In addition you can opt for more sophisticated features

Client Access @ Home

Enable clients to access reports remotely.

E-commerce and coupons direct to clients.

Software Assurance

Receive upgrades to new funcionality as they

are released.

Analytics Module

Detailed analytics for management including:

  • number of scans/day
  • number of returning clients
  • top treatments by clients
  • top concerns of clients
  • total sales per week/month
  • upsell percentages

Personalization Fees

Add a custom experience or special skin measurements

tailored to your spa's needs

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can impact your ROI? Check out the

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Here are the package options we offer

Select one or all the packages you are interested in learning more about

Silver Package
  • Skin imager and cradle
  • Skin analysis results
  • Report
  • 1 year warranty



Gold Package
  • Silver Package
  • Tracking to compare results over time
  • 1 year warranty



Platinum Package
  • Gold Package
  • Product and treatment recommendations
  • Lifetime warranty



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